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We’re here to help you buy the home you love. Together with your agent, we help you make a strong all-cash offer — with no additional cost to you.


Connect with a HomeLight Cash Offer certified agent

We work with some of the top agents from across the country to give you the best possible experience buying a home. Already working with an agent? No problem — we can get them certified to use HomeLight Cash Offer.

Say hello cash and goodbye preapproval

We’ll do all the work upfront to fully underwrite you — and allow you to write a fully approved HomeLight Cash Offer™ loan under your name.

Make a strong offer on the home of your dreams

Sellers value certainty. Since you’re making an all-cash offer, you’re 4x more likely to win.* That gives you a real edge — and allows for more peace of mind as you plan your move.

Ready to buy your dream home on your terms?

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