Don’t Pay Buyer Commissions! 

No Random Showings! 

100% Transparency allowing Buyers to Compete! 

Sell for Top Dollar!

  • The CLEAR Live Bid Platform revolutionizes the home buying and selling process in any market.
  • It provides increased options, control, and complete transparency for both buyers and sellers.
  • Unlike traditional blind offer methods, CLEAR enables buyers to see the current highest bid and make informed decisions on their willingness to pay. 
  • CLEAR prioritizes 100% transparency, including the disclosure of agent compensation and its impact on the purchase price. 
  • After the online offer process, the listing agent engages with all agents representing buyers to understand their offers. 
  • The ultimate winning offer is determined through collaborative discussions between the seller and their agent, ensuring a fair and competitive process.
  • CLEAR‘s transparent and convenient methodology is highly appreciated by both sellers and buyers.
HomeSimple Cash Offer

All Western Mortgage can give you the power to negotiate your home purchase with a winning all-cash offer, and still use a mortgage for the final financing. Welcome to the HomeSimple program .

Your Advantage

  • All-cash offers get priority and have more negotiating power
  • Low cost – $500 fee at time of offer+ certain transaction fees are paid at closing
  • Make offers up to $2M on a purchase for your primary residence

4 Simple Steps

  1. Contact us to get pre-approved
  2. Your agent submits a cash offer
  3. HomeSimple buys the home all-cash
  4. You buy the home from HomeSimple, using a mortgage from AWM
Traditional Sale
A Complete Marketing Solution

We find you a buyer that will bring you an offer at the PRICE you want and the TERMS you want! 

We work with a specialized team of experts to utilize  the most effective advancements in programming, digital marketing, and customer support. This way, your property gets viewed by people who can afford to buy it NOW!

  • Careful preparation and specific positioning of your home with staging photos and walkthrough video 
  • Aggressive marketing and re-marketing across the entire digital landscape
  • Precise demographic targeting
  • Highly advanced and proactive customer support
Clear Live Bid Platform
100% Transparency

No more blind, “highest and best” offer guessing games, leaving buyers scratching their heads. And sellers? Well, they’re not left wondering if they could’ve gotten more for their castle. With our 100% transparent competitive bidding platform, the value’s clear and the game’s fair. We are firm believers that the power of informed decisions is the real game-changer.

  • complete transparency for both buyers and sellers.
  • Clear allows buyers to see exactly what is being offered and decide what they’re willing to pay.
  • prioritizes 100% transparency, disclosing agent compensation and its impact on the purchase price.
  • Win-Win for both Sellers & Buyers!

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