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At Whisky Kidd Realty, our story is one of dedication, innovation, and a relentless drive to redefine your real estate experience. Founded with the belief that buying or selling a home should be an empowering journey, we’ve harnessed cutting-edge technology and a customer-centric approach to transform the way you navigate the real estate landscape.

Guided by our values of transparency, integrity, and unwavering commitment, we’re not just in the business of transactions; we’re in the business of turning dreams into addresses and houses into homes. With a team of seasoned professionals led by Robert Weichelt, a Broker Associate with a wealth of experience, Whisky Kidd Realty stands as your trusted partner, guiding you through every step of the process.

How our Process Works

The Clear Bid Difference

Clear Bid transforms the home buying experience with open bidding, eliminating the worries of overpaying or being outbid in the dark. By revealing competitors’ offers, it empowers you to make strategic, informed decisions, fostering a fair, transparent path to securing your dream home.

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How our Process Works

Listing Creation

We assist you in crafting a compelling listing with detailed property information and eye-catching visuals.

Auction Setup

Our platform sets up a seamless auction process, attracting potential buyers and creating a competitive environment.

Buyer Engagement

Interested buyers participate actively, offering competitive bids, ensuring the best price for your property.

Stress-Free Sale:

Enjoy a stress-free experience, as we handle the intricacies of property auctions, delivering the best results.

Advantages of Clear Bid

100% Transparency

By revealing all bids, open bidding simplifies the buying process, letting contenders know exactly where they stand. This strategy is especially advantageous for buyers at the edge of their financial limits, providing a fair chance without the risk of blindly overbidding.

Save Money

By making offers visible, open bidding helps avoid the emotional pitfalls of overbidding, safeguarding buyers from paying too much and suffering buyer’s remorse.


We minimize unnecessary communication, allowing sellers to be upfront about their price and conditions, and giving buyers a clear target for their offers. Immediate transparency means quicker buyer reactions and less anxiety when buying your dream home.

The Game Changer! - How it Works

Greetings, real estate enthusiasts! We understand that navigating the complexities of the real estate market can be challenging. However, rest assured, at Whisky Kidd Realty, we have honed this process to perfection. Our approach is as seamless as enjoying a premium single malt.

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Transparency! - Live Online Offer Platform

It's time to say goodbye to those elusive "blind" multiple offer situations that can strain your budget. Why, you ask? Because we have a platform that's as transparent as a newly cleaned window. Indeed, every competing offer is displayed openly. You'll no longer need to guess or feel pressured to overspend in order to secure your new home.

Win-Win for Buyers & Sellers!

Let's eliminate the confusion of multiple offer situations where participants are in the dark and uncertain. We're putting an end to the "highest and best offers" guessing games that leave buyers puzzled or, even worse, overcommitting financially. As for sellers, they won't have to wonder if they could have obtained a better deal for their property. With our completely transparent competitive bidding process, it's like a real estate showdown in broad daylight. The value is evident, the competition is fair, and the stakes have become quite intriguing.

Seamless Transactions

Once the seller approves the winning buyer(s), the process begins, much like a traditional real estate transaction. The buyer will proceed by formalizing the agreement with a signed contract, which includes the final sales price (the "we mean business" offer) and the broker fee, all to be completed within 24 hours. Subsequently, the buyer and seller enter the escrow phase, during which all crucial buyer contingencies and inspection dates are meticulously outlined within the contract. This process is akin to a well-choreographed dance where everyone knows their steps, and the final act occurs when we hand over the keys to you, allowing you to start creating memories in your new home.

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